Bausch+Lomb EasySept

Bausch+Lomb EasySept is a hydrogen peroxide system for soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel.  A hydrogen peroxide liquid that is hard on bacteria but soft on your lenses. EasySept peroxide contact lens care solution is ideal for people who need it:

  • are allergic to preservatives in multi-purpose solutions;
  • have not mastered the 'rub/rub' process with a multi-purpose solution;
  • are looking for the highest degree of disinfection.

EasySept peroxide contact lens solution is a 1-stage peroxide system. The 3% hydrogen peroxide liquid acts as a disinfectant for all microorganisms and guarantees perfect cleaning after six hours of soaking. Although the liquid is hard on bacteria, it is soft on lenses. Safe to use with all soft week, two-week or monthly lenses.

EasySept peroxide contact lens care system features an improved lens case. This is easier to use and leakproof!


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