Bausch+Lomb Conditioning Solution

Bausch+Lomb Conditioning Solution increases the wearing comfort of hard oxygen-permeable lenses (RGP) and hard contact lenses. It incorporates a patented multi-polymer comfort system that protects the surface of the lens. It softens the lens during insertion and maintains and improves lens wetting during the day. The patented multi-polymer system reduces lens friction on the eye and eyelid while removing any loose particles that may cause discomfort or irritation. Specially designed to be biocompatible with the eyes.

  • Provides full care
  • Moistening, storage and disinfection
  • Patented multi-polymer comfort system

What is Bausch+Lomb Conditioning Solution?
Bausch+Lomb Conditioning Solution is intended for use with fluorosilic acrylic, and RGP contact lenses with a surface treatment, after the lenses have been cleaned. It is also suitable for PMMA (hard) lenses.

Before touching a lens or your eye, always wash your hands first. Clean and care for your contact lenses according to the instructions of your eye care professional. Place the lens in the lens holder and fill it with a fresh amount of Conditioning Solution and leave the lenses in the liquid for at least 4 hours (or throughout the night) for proper disinfection before using them again. Rinse lenses again with fresh liquid before use.


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