The Assy lice comb is unique; it's not just another lice comb. It is perceived the best lice comb in the world with many advantages over other combs and other anti-lice products. Therefore, Assy is patented worldwide.

Assy is constructed with very precise welded teeth (Laser Technology) with MicroSpirals. The edges of the comb are very soft to the scalp and hair. The distance between the teeth is such that it can eliminate both lice and the smallest nits, with minimum combing. The MicroSpirals have microscopic edges which break the lice and nits; new lice do not get a chance. The comb is made out of stainless steel with unmatched solidity and durability. Assy last at least 5-10 years.

The use of chemical substances can cause health problems, especially for small children. Assy is a 100% natural, safe alternative which is 100% effective even when children are allergic or highly sensitive for chemical products. In times of a lice infestation you can comb your child preventative nipping an infection in the bud.

Further advantages:

  • Simple to clean: the surgical stainless steel can be boiled. Therefore, it is suited for the whole family without running the risk of an infection. The grip has antislip strips enabling a firm hold.
  • Suited for all hair types: Assy has long teeth and is proven to be effective for all hair types: short, long, thin, thick, curly and abundant.
  • Perfect teeth distance: nits are ovally shaped 0,5mm long and 0,3mm in width, and firmly attach to the hair root. Therefore, they are hard to eliminate. Assy's teeth are smaller then the smallest nit, whereby nits are combed completely out of the hair. 
  • Economic buy: by cleansing the comb it can be used by all family members. In addition, there is no need to buy additional (chemical) products. Adding Assy's extreme durability makes it an economic buy.

All these advantages make Assy a worldwide success that helps people all over the world to effectively and naturally eliminate lice and nits.


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