Our brands are vital to our company. Therefore, we only accept brands in our portfolio with real added value. And they must offer a solution to the consumer's problems or needs.

We are very proud of our current portfolio, with respectable brands as Biofreeze, Perskindol, OHROPAX, Grahams and all other brands which you can find on the left hand side of this page. Information is provided per brand, per SKU. Our aim is to grow organically with the existing portfolio, as well as with new brands which meet the high quality standards.

The larger part of our portfolio is OTC (over the counter) oriented. However, brands like Murray's have a more cosmetic nature. Several brands stand out in their segments. Ohropax has a market share over 50% in earplugs, Thursday Plantation is the best sold tea tree oil, Grahams the best sold natural solution for skin problems and Biofreeze is market leader in the cold treatment of pain.

In case you wish for more detailed information, please contact us via the details on our contact page.


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