Excessive sweating is a major problem for many people. Perspirex offers a perfect solution for this problem. It ensures absence of sweat and odor for at least 3-5 days. Herewith, it prevents undesirable situations as shaking hands (with wet hands), sweat stains in clothes (primarily the underarms) and nasty odor.

Perpirex' unique and patented formula not only offers a perfect solution against sweat and odor. Furthermore, it minimizes skin irritation, which is common with the use of antiperspirants (due to the aluminium chloride). The patented skin care system restores the pH value of the skin such that skin irritation is minimized.

Perspirex comes in 4 products: Perspirex Original, Perspirex Strong, Perspirex Comfort and Perspirex Hand and Foot Lotion.


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