The brand was created in the late 1940's by two brothers, David and Eric Aylott, renowned make-up artists to the film industry. The brothers created the product, the modern false eyelash, to answer a lack of effective cosmetic enhancement in the industry. Spotting the opportunity for the wider public, the Aylotts created a brand around their invention and called it "Eylure" from "Eye Allure". The brand, still the market leader, celebrated 65 years at the forefront of lash enhancement in 2013.

In the beginning stars like Marlene Dietrich were working with Eylure lashes. Later in the 1970's Audrey Hepburn and Racquel Welch were loyal users of the brand. Further celebrities using Eylure are Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman.

The current collection consists of a variety of products. There are Eylure Classics for convenience or a classic look, brows, accessories as curlers and adhesive removers. Most of the lashes are equipped with adhesive, making them easy to apply.

From an originally lean collection, the popularity of the Naturalites range has lead to further successful introductions. To make the selection easier for the consumer we have split the collection into the following categories:

  • Naturals
  • Lengthening
  • Texture
  • Volume
  • Definition
  • Exaggerate
  • Dramatic

License Deals
In addition to these key categories Eylure has groundbreaking licensing deals with stars. First collaboration was with Girls Aloud. All 5 members of the group designed their personal favorite eyelash. Further collaborations were with Sex & the City and Paris Hilton. Currently, the lashes with the license of Katy Perry are very successful, and we have an exciting cooperation with Beautygloss. These lashes ("Fluffy", "Silky" and "Pretty") are available at Etos, Kruidvat and Trekpleister.


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