Clinomyn is a specialized toothpaste developed for smokers. Clinomyn cleans deeply in order to remove nicotine and discoloration, as a result of red wine, coffee and tea. Clinomyn does not change the original color of the teeth, but restores (and, when used on a daily basis, preserves) the original color. Clinomyn is not only suited for the own teeth, but also for inlays, jackets and other artificial teeth, of which the original color will be restored. Clinomyn has a pleasant peppermint taste.

Daily Use
Although the enamel on the teeth is very hard and strong, it does need gentle care. Clinomyn does not contain any aggressive abrasives, and takes good care of the teeth and the enamel. The unique cleansing system of Clinomyn makes sure that the natural color of the teeth will be restored, without bleaching or the use of aggressive abrasives. Therefore, Clinomyn is an all-round toothpaste for daily use.

Bleaching vs Brushing
The natural color of the teeth cannot be restored by using a regular toothpaste. Often bleaching and aggressive abrasives are used to bleach the teeth. Besides the associated risks for the teeth coming with the use of these products, they are also superfluous. Clinomyn enables the restoring of the original color of the teeth without the use of bleaching- and/or aggressive abrasive products. The daily use of Clinomyn is 100% safe, and makes sure results are already visible after a couple of days use. Use Clinomyn on a daily basis for the best results, and preservation of the original color of the teeth.

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